Raw Menu

Here at Raw Menu we are passionate about RAW DOG FOODS and offer advice and meals for those that are interested in

feeding a healthy, natural diet to their dogs.

We use fresh British produce in the creation of our dog dinners, which are free from grains and fillers along with artificial colourings, preservatives and additives. This ensures the highest quality product is created which nourishes your pet from

the inside out and feeds them the way nature intended. As we see in the human health arena, nutrition is finally coming of

age. The link between improper diet and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease are now well

documented. Experts urge us to eat fresher, whole foods and less processed products. It’s time to respect the dietary needs

of our dogs as well as ourselves and let your dog enjoy balanced nutrition, the natural way!

With a range of complete raw dog dinners we aim to provide you with a simple convenient and affordable way of feeding

your pet on a daily basis, whilst ensuring your pet has a raw natural and nutritious balanced meal. We also supply a range

of natural supplements, meaty bones and treats.

More products coming soon

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