What is BARF?


BARF....The name alone makes some people ill, but it will make your dog happy. The name BARF stands for a diet of BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE  RAW FOOD. Thanks to the internet, BARF has been sweeping through the pet world. Both dogs and cats can eat a BARF, or raw diet.

Why should I feed a BARF Diet?

Benefits of a BARF, or raw diet that no other diet can match:

  • No doggy odour

  • Naturally clean teeth.  no need for brushing or cleaning. no gum disease

  • Much less stool volume due to no fillers used.  firm stools.

  • Decreased or eliminated vet bills

  • Less expensive if done correctly

  • Pups grow at a better rate- stops fast growth spurts

  • The ripping and chewing involved develops the jaw, neck and shoulder muscles (a very important benefit that commercial foods can't offer)

What is wrong with my commercial
dog food?
  • A dog's food should never be cooked, it should be fed raw as in nature.  Cooking ruins most of the nutritional value.

  • No bones to clean teeth and work the muscles and gums. Chewing bones slows the eating process and less chance of over eating

  • The main ingredient of commercial dog food is cereal, these cereals can cause a wide range of problems and allergies.

  • Commercial foods are full of preservatives, colour and salt, they have flavourings added which causes dogs to over eat.

  • The majority of commercial foods have too much carbohydrates, these are linked to over eating, diabetes, weight gain and cancers.

What results have people reported in the BARF diet?
  • More energetic dogs

  • Less or non existent allergies

  • Less or non existent arthritis

  • Better weight control

  • No doggy odour

  • Dogs are living longer, healthier lives

  • Bitches managed pregnancies better

  • Puppies have better weight and survival figures

Why do people still use commercial foods?
  • ADVERTISING. Millions of pounds are spent to tell you that commercial foods are the best diet for your dog.

How much raw food should I feed my dog?

Weigh your dog in kilograms and using percentages below work out how much to feed your dog per day, this could be split over more than 1 meal per day. ie one of our dogs is 38.5kg / 2.5%=0.96kg Per day (38.5 x 0.025=0.9625)


Recommended Adult Diet:

2.0% if your dog is overweight 2.5% - 3.0% to maintain weight, if your dog is underweight increase the percentage gradually to aid weight gain.


Recommended Puppy Diet:

Puppies require a larger percentage of their body weight to aid their growth, 5.0% - 10.0% of body weight spread over several meals per day.





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